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Latest version


Spaceman3D is a package that parses and creates 3D plots of the satellite's orbits using Two-Line Element (TLE) Data.

Project description

Spaceman3D is a python package that accomplishes several unique tasks within the space of Astrodynamics (pun intended). The package gives users the ability to parse satellite Two-Line Element (TLE) Data into its Ballistic, Keplerian, and satellite identifying orbital elements. Beyond, this SpaceMan uses a Matplotlib 3D plotting toolkit to plot the orbit of the satellites.

The plotting functionality mentioned below is accessed through the Draw() module.

Using the code above will output an image that resembles this:

Along with this, by calling the draw_orbit(element ,print_info=True) you will print out the keplerian elements used to calculate the satellites trajectory.

Orbital Mechanic's Resources

I know that I struggled to find resources explaining the mathematics used within Astrodynamics and orbital mechanics, so I have included the 'PackageCalculations.txt' file that explains the mathematics behind the functions in Orbit.py and tle.py and the logic behind each function.

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Download basic astrodynamics formulas for mac 1.0 free

Download Basic Astrodynamics Formulas For Mac 1.0 Free



Download Basic Astrodynamics Formulas For Mac 1.0 Download




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