Download Coherent PDF Command Line Tools For Mac 2.4

[Current version: 2.4 (21st June 2021)]

The Coherent PDF Command Line Tools and C/Python API allow you to manipulate existing PDF files in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Merge PDF files together, or split them apart
  • Encrypt and decrypt
  • Scale, crop and rotate pages
  • Read and set document info and metadata
  • Copy, add or remove bookmarks
  • Stamp logos, text, dates, page numbers
  • Add or remove attachments
  • Losslessly compress PDF files

Thank you for downloading Coherent PDF Command Line Tools para Mac from our software portal. The version of the Mac program you are about to download is 2.4. The package you are about to download is authentic and was not repacked or modified in any way by us. The application is licensed as shareware. Coherent PDF Command Line Tools and C/C/Python API give you a wide range of professional, robust tools to modify PDF files. All based on our own PDF technology and with a comprehensive manual. PDF Editing Features ( Full features list ). Nov 21, 2021 Command line tool for PDF editing and printing on Unipos website Coherent PDF Command Line Tools (CPDF) Page has been added. Command line software that can be set. By using this command line, batch processing such as converting multiple files to PDF at once and editing it becomes easy, and the time for document processing can be shortened.

These tools have been available commercially since 2007, and are widely used in industry and government.

Now we're releasing the tools for free, under a special not-for-commercial-use license. If you like the tools and want to use them commercially, or need support, licenses are available from Coherent Graphics Ltd. Commercial use involves anything other than private, personal use. Charities andeducational institutions still require a license, but one may be obtained atgreatly reduced cost - ask us. If you're still not sure if you need a license, ask us.

Download binaries now for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Pre-built binaries are available for Windows, Mac OS 10.10 and later (x86 or ARM), Linux 32 bit Intel and Linux 64 bit Intel.

To install the python library, in addition to the DLLs, you will need to run pip install pycpdflib.

Build from source

Look at the source repository for cpdf, or for the C API, or for the Python API. You'll need to install the OCaml toolchain, and a couple of simple dependencies, but it's simple to build.

User Manual

A comprehensive user manual for the Command Line PDF tools can be found as a PDF document, or browsable online. The manuals for the C API and for the Python API are also available. A paper copy of the Command Line Tools manual can be obtained from Amazon for $9.99.

Command line examples

In all cases, on Microsoft Windows, substitute cpdf.exe for cpdf.

Select some pages from a file in.pdf and write to out.pdf:

Merge some files together:

Split a file into single-page files page001.pdf, page002.pdf etc:

Encrypt a file with 128 bit AES encryption with an owner password but blank user password:

Output some information about a file:

Output information about each page:


Scale pages to A4 paper:

Crop a file:

Add some text with page numbers:

Stamp one PDF file over each page of another:

Attach a file to page 5:

Combine several commands together using AND: flip a file vertically and stamp text, then encrypt.

Compress a file without loss of information:

C API example

Python API example

Download Coherent Pdf Command Line Tools For Mac 2.4 Free


If you discover a bug, you can raise an issue in our issue tracker, or email for support.

Please note, though, that we prioritise support for paying customers.


Q. My command works, but fails when I put it in a Windows Batch file.

Download Coherent Pdf Command Line Tools For Mac 2.4 Download

A. Some cpdf commands use % as a special character. Use %% instead.

Q. Is it any different from the commercial version?

A. The community release prints a message when run, and sets the Producer field to show it was the last program to touch the PDF.

What Are Command Line Tools

Q. I want to express thanks for this free program, but I'm not a commercial user. What can I do?

Download Coherent Pdf Command Line Tools For Mac 2.4 Pro

A. You can buy a copy of the User Manual on Amazon for $9.99.