Download DataGrys For Mac 3.3.2

Steps to reset Toad Data Point:

1) Fully exit Toad Data Point (TDP).


2) Go to:C:Users<YOUR_USER>AppDataRoamingQuest Software

3) Rename the “Toad Data Point X.x” folder to “Toad Data Point X.x OLD”. (Where X.x is the product version)

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Download Datagrid For Mac 3.3.2 Pro

4) Start TDP.

5) If asked if you want to ‘Migrate’ settings from previous versions, choose CANCEL or NO.

6) Ensure that your TDP seems to have been reset to factory defaults.

Download DataGrys For Mac 3.3.2

7) Re-test the issue.

NOTE: If you want to transfer back your Saved Connections, see the steps below. However, please re-test the issue first before trying to re-use any ‘old’ files.

1) Fully exit Toad Data Point (TDP) again.

2) Go to the OLD “Toad Data Point 3.x OLD” folder you renamed previously.

3) Perform a Copy on the “Connections.xml” file (make a BACKUP of this file just in case of errors).

4) Go to the NEW “Toad Data Point X.x” folder that was just created by TDP.

Download datagrid for mac 3.3.2 pro

Download Datagrid For Mac 3.3.2 Professional

5) Paste the “Connections.xml” file in there.

Download Datagrid For Mac 3.3.2 Full


Download Datagrid For Mac 3.3.2 Free

6) Start TDP and you should now have your previous Saved Connections in the log-in screen.