Download DearMob IPhone Manager For Mac 5.1

DearMob iPhone Manager is a solid tool that has category-wide iOS data support. This means that you can backup iPhone photos in JPG, HEIC and music in MP3 AAC format, 2-way transfer videos in MP4 MKV H.264 and manage various other types of iOS files such as SMS, Podcasts, voice memos, ebooks, bookmarks, calendars and contacts, between iPhone and your PC.

May 08, 2018 DearMob iPhone Manager. DearMob is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Currently, the iOS device manager comes at $39.95 for a one-year and a Mac or Windows PC. While the lifetime license for two computers is priced at $47.95, the lifetime family license is available for $69.95. Download DearMob. DearMob iPhone Manager is an iTunes replacement as an all-in-one solution for managing content on your iPhone from your Mac. That includes managing content like photos, music, videos and books, as well as backups. DearMob iPhone Manager is data management software for iPhone and iPad. 4k ultra hd video player for pc free download. DearMob iPhone Manager, a simple and safe solution to make music transfer between iPhone iPad iPod and PC/Mac in a cushier way without iTunes. Video Manager – Brings the Best out of iPhone Video DearMob iPhone Manager allows you to transfer videos to iPhone iPad for offline enjoyment, never make your Video App useless. What’s New: Version 5.1.

Download DearMob IPhone Manager For Mac 5.1

Refuses to run under Vista citing it needs .NET 4.7 which is not released for Vista. So system requirements is not currently accurate. .NET 4.6 is last suported version under Vista or Server 2008.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager is an iTunes replacement as an all-in-one solution for managing content on your iPhone from your Mac. That includes managing content like photos, music, videos and books, as well as backups. DearMob iPhone Manager is data management software for iPhone and iPad.
  • 4k ultra hd video player for pc free download. Click here to get DearMob iPhone Manager. VLC 3.0 Expands 4K HDR, 8K, 360-Degree Video Support (Updated VideoLAN VLC 3.0 “Vetinari” is now available. The new version of the popular video playback software now supports even more video formats and includes hardware acceleration support for high-end.
  • Designed to be simple to use while still being a powerful tool. When compared with iTunes the biggest bonus of the DearMob iPhone Manager is the ability to back up specific data such as your photo, music, video, contacts, SMS, etc. Features: 1.Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer, and vice versa 2.Transfer Music & Manage Playlist.

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TK, Because the DearMobWin.exe.config is configured to require .NET 4.7 by default installation it cannot run on WIndows Vista or Server 2008 BUT if one opens that file in the installation folder in an elevated (run as administraro) notepad.exe
Assuming you have the latest 4.6 or better .NET framework installed on Vista or Server 2008 you can change the line:
supportedRuntime version='v4.0' sku='.NETFramework,Version=v4.7'
so it reads v4.6 instead of v4.7 and then save it and try running it again. It should then run under Vista and Register as described.
Hope that helps someone and the developer to restore compatability with Vista as currently described.
I'll leave it up to those with XP SP3 in current use to see if they can massage it to run under XP by changing the v4.7 to v4.0 I don't expect it will work but it's relatively painless to try it out if you are so inclined!

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Dearmob Iphone Manager Torrent

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Being an iPhone user, you probably know how important it is to have iTunes on your smartphone. It’s no debate that iTunes is one of the most important aspects of iPhone that helps users to manage and handle their bulk amount of data.

But if we will be facing the truth, iTunes has now become difficult to access and use unlike what it used to be before now. The platform seems to be bloated already and thus causes many iPhone users a lot of stress and hassles.

Dearmob Iphone Manager For Windows

Now that the thing is simply going out of hand, it’s a smart move to begin to look for an alternative to iTunes. Many people have started using DearMob iPhone manager which seem to be a perfect alternative for iTunes to manage their data. It proves to be more convenient and works effectively when it comes to transferring iPhone data to PC even more than any other iPhone manager out there will do it.

This post will be focusing on what DearMob iPhone manager is and why you need to consider it for backing up iPhone files and freeing up storage space on your phone.

What is DearMob iPhone Manager?

The obvious truth is that since most of us have been using iTunes for quite a long time, we already have lots of questions roaming our minds about this new iPhone storage manager. Let’s together answer some of these questions.

For several months now, DearMob iPhone manager has proved itself to be one of the quick and easiest ways iPhone users can back up all their phone data to their Windows or Mac devices. It provides a super easy option for backing up their photos, videos, calendar, voice notes, music, messages, contacts, books, apps, browser bookmarks, etc. in all, we can simply say this application is a complete package designed to make life easier for all iPhone users.

It is an all-in-one iPhone file transfer tool that can be used with almost all the older and current generations of iPhones and iPads. With DearMob iPhone manager, you don’t need to look for anything else before you store your data. It completely removes the hassles you could have experienced with iTunes or cloud storage to manage your iPhone data.

Top Reasons You Should Consider DearMob Over iTunes for Managing Your iPhone Data

#1: It is easier to backup and restores your data with DearMob iPhone manager

Every iPhone user understands how much a struggle it is to backup and restore their essential data on iOS, especially if you are not using a reliable source. And that is where you need DearMob manager to come to your rescue.

The application makes it super easy for you to backup and restore your essential data and information regardless of whether you are using PC or Mac. DearMob iPhone Manager is a quick alternative for iPhone users looking to avoid the time-consuming process of backing up their data to iCloud via iTunes.

#2: DearMob provides a true on-the-go access

Whenever you are looking to use your Mac or laptop’s extra muscle to handle your huge files and free up storage space on your iPhone, DearMob iPhone manager is the right tool to turn to. Unlike iCloud, DearMob iPhone manager allows you to manage your files even when you have offline. It provides true on-the-go access anytime and anywhere you have your device with you.

Download DearMob IPhone Manager For Mac 5.1 Torrent

#3: It has a friendly interface that makes navigation very easy

It’s an obvious truth that iTunes can be pretty confusing to navigate. It can be very tough managing your data unless you are native use of iOS. But with DearMob iPhone manager, you can simply enjoy complete hassle-free navigation.

Whether you are transferring your files from one iPhone to another iPhone or transferring to your Windows or Mac device, DearMob iPhone manager provides a super easy to navigate user-interface that will make the job easy for you. With sheer understanding and easy storage, the application provides you a daily limit that you can use for transferring your data. To further add to your convenience, DearMob has no locked feature and neither does it have time limit.

#4: DearMob iPhone manager boasts of advanced security

With the regular use of this excellent iPhone manager, you can be sure of getting a 100% advance security and safety. DearMob iPhone manager automatically encrypts any data you copy or transfer from your iPhone to your device. Together with password-protected backing up features, DearMob manager also uses multiple encryption algorithms in order to provide you the ultimate security you need for your dear files. So you can now feel all protected and secured when transferring your data from one place to another.

Dearmob Iphone Manager Giveaway

#5: It comes with a massive storage space

Unlike iCloud, the amount of storage available to you is only limited by the amount of space on your Mac or Computer. The standard office Windows laptop is about 500GB in hard drive space. This means you can transfer as much as these files from your phone to your device. There is no better option to move all those your selfies, videos, and music that seem to be eating up space on your iPhone device.

Download DearMob IPhone Manager For Mac 5.1

#6: Lightning fast transfer

DearMob iPhone Manager is much more than just storage. The application allows you to transfer even a huge bulk of files worth a gigabyte in a matter of minutes. That makes it a better alternative for iTunes especially when you are in a hurry and don’t have the luxury of time to wait for your files to be transferred.

#7: It supports a wide range of file formats

Regardless of what type of files you are transferring, DearMob iPhone manager got you covered. From HEIC, Gif, Jpeg, Mp4, and even iBook is supported so far your iPhone can handle such file format. It also comes with a built-in music video converter that helps you handle unsupported formats like MKV, FLV, OGG, FLAC, etc. without any doubt, DearMob iPhone Manager is an all-access file-sharing program and an excellent iTunes alternative for Windows.

Bottom Line

Dearmob Iphone Manager Reviews

Without any doubt, DearMob iPhone Manager is the most resilient manager presently available in the market. It has opened lots of possibilities for iOS users. You only need to use it once before you will be convinced it’s a better alternative to iTunes and offers more features with fewer limitations.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Don’t waste any more time. Download your DearMob iPhone Manager today for Windows and Mac and enjoy the full features it offers.

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Download Dearmob Iphone Manager For Mac 5.1 Free

It is absolutely worth using DearMob iPhone Manager over iTunes, so when are you switching?