Download Expense Tracker For Mac 1.0.3

Create multiple accounts that can have unique login credentials to store and keep track of private and professional expenses and incomes in a secure environment

Cash Counter - Cash Calculator. Cash Counter & Calculator is specially designed for Indian user to calculate daily counter of a shop, or a user can use it for banking purpose. Share counting details to any social media and app. Indian currency denominations Calculator. Simply fill in the details from your receipt, including a description, the category of expense, the total amount, and any additional sales tax. Use this template to keep all your receipt details organized and tracked, so you’re never surprised by expenses again. ‌ Download Receipt Tracker Template for Mac — Excel.

Download Expense Tracker For Mac 1.0.3

FINANCE MANAGER is a small yet productive application that comes in handy to those who want to keep an eye on their personal finances. The app comes with a login system, which lets you make and manage multiple accounts.

Keep an eye on your balance and payments

The installation process is fast and needs only a few clicks to be completed. It's advisable to have Java present on the computer or updated to the latest version if it's already installed.

The interface is plain and clear, consisting of three main tabs: 'Details', 'Income' and 'Expenses'. Each panel contains several other sub-categories (e.g. personal, job, finance).

Set up your personal account

FINANCE MANAGER requires you to log in with your credentials to access its features. To do so, you have to create a new account by filling in the full name, gender, email and phone number, as well as the company name, manager, work email, position, balance funds and salary. In addition, a password needs to be inputted.

Open the list in Microsoft Excel

Once you set all the details up, you can enter as many expenses and incomes as necessary by entering the amount of money you paid or received and from who.

The log can be opened in Microsoft Excel. It would've been a great perk if the app came with a built-in list of all the records as well as filtered on expenses and incomes.

Poorly-developed menu and fields

Plus, the provided fields are too few and thus hard to personalize. FINANCE MANAGER could've come with details, such as date, category (e.g. entertainment, bills, vehicles, medical, shopping), payee name and additional comments. What's more, there is no export function to save the database to XLS or CSV and further edit them into another external program.

Rudimentary personal finance manager

The bottom line is that FINANCE MANAGER is a straightforward piece of software designed to offer simple ways to easily add and manage private expenses and incomes. During our testing, the app could not be closed through the 'X' button, and we had to end the task from the Task Manager.

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Stay on top of your expenses with these free expense tracking worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel. Log your spendings, earnings, and budget with ease to ensure you never get in a financial crisis. Get a better look at where your money is coming from and where it’s going to, and make better decisions moving forward.

All of the templates below are completely free to use, easy to customize, and incredibly user-friendly. First time picking up Excel? No problem. The templates below guide you in how to use the software to effectively track your expenses without having to hire a professional or spend money on premium services.

Tip: Need help with Microsoft Excel? Visit our Help Center for free guides, tricks, and more templates!

How to use Excel templates?

Once you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, using a template is as easy as one-two-three. The steps below are universal to all templates you download from the internet, as built-in Excel templates already show up on your Welcome screen upon launching the application.

  1. Download the template you want to use. Make sure to only download from safe sources!
  2. Click on the file you downloaded to open the template in Excel. This is usually a file ending with the .xlsx or .dotx extension.
  3. Excel will open the template. Here, you can start using the template or customize it for your own needs using the tools you already know and love.
  4. To save your template, use the Ctrl + S (Save) keyboard shortcut to modify the original file, or the Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as) shortcut to create a separate file, leaving the blank template untouched.

Top Expense Tracking Templates in Excel for Free

1. Expense Tracking Sheet

This template is perfect for both personal use, as well as small business use. It comes with two sheets. The first sheet is dedicated to tracking your expenses in various categories throughout weeks, months or years. The second sheet is a streamlined summary chart of your budget vs. the money you spent in this time period.

With formulas, easy to customize the interface, and integrated instructions on how to use the sheet, we can only recommend this template by Vertex42. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the free template by downloading it for Excel.

Download: Free Expense Tracking Sheet by Vertex42

2. SimpleBudget Spreadsheet

This budget spreadsheet is perfect for personal use. It’s simple but provides what you need to stay on top of your expenses and earnings. It includes three columns: What's Coming In (Earnings), What's Going Out (Fixed expenses), and What's Going Out (Variable expenses).

On top of the columns, you can see a total counter for both earnings and spendings to easily get an overview. This template will surely help you get control over your finances and assist you in making better decisions before making a purchase.

Download: SimpleBudget Spreadsheet by Moneyspot.org

3. Expenses Calculator

This premium-quality template by Microsoft allows you to get an accurate breakdown of your expenses and see where your money is going. With the included dashboard, you get a chart overview broken down into different categories such as Housing, Transport, Daily, and Fun. Included sub-categories allow for an even more accurate look at your money flow.

We definitely recommend this template for those who want complete control over money. See where everything is going with perfect accuracy and adjust your spendings where it’s needed, without having to make needless sacrifices.

Download or Edit in browser: Expenses calculator by Microsoft


4. Expense Report Template

This expense report template is perfect for small businesses and employees — but it can be customized to make the perfect personal budget template as well. Get an accurate breakdown of how you’re spending your money when traveling, working for a company, or get an overview of personal expenses.

Smartsheet’s template focuses on tracking the costs of business travel components. Accommodation, meals, transportation and entertainment are all categories included in the template itself, with a designated area for Itemized Expenses or an 'Other' category.

Download: Expense Report Template by Smartsheet

5. Monthly Expense Tracker

This monthly expense tracker will help you get an accurate overview of your financial situation with great detail. The month is broken down to separate days, easy coming with its own Expense, Savings, Income and Balance field for you to fill out.

Download Expense Tracker for Mac 1.0.3 download

Using this template will ensure you never fall behind on payments, and you always know when you’re safe and ready to make large purchases. With the balance tracking, you’ll be able to roughly predict what your balance will look like at different points in the month.

Download Expense Tracker For Mac 1.0.3 Download

What we love about this template is the ease of use. No complex formulas, no distracting design — everything is streamlined to make this template accessible yet powerful.

Download Expense Tracker For Mac 1.0.3 -

Download: Monthly Expense Tracker by Part-Time Money

6. Personal Money Tracker

Download this personal money tracking template to monitor your money in a simpler, more accessible way. Enter your total starting balance, and watch how each of your transactions affects your budget. The best of it all? It's all automated using Excels' powerful features and formulas.

The template workbook comes with multiple sheets, focusing on giving you accurate overviews at a glance. See cash summary, monthly summary, your chart data, and track your personal expenses all in one place with Microsoft’s template.

Download or Edit in browser: Personal money tracker by Microsoft

7. Personal Expense Tracker (Option 4)

This template is without a doubt your all-in-one personal expense tracker. With multiple sheets, extensive detail, including charts, and tons of options, Karthik’s template — available for download on Chandoo.org, — takes free expense tracking to the next level.

The sheets included allow you to track various payment modes such as cash, check, and credit or debit card, broken down into one month at a time. We definitely recommend this workbook for advanced users, or beginners looking to take on a challenge and learn more about Excel on the way.

Download: Excel Personal Expense Tracker (Option 4) by Karthik

Final thoughts

If you need any further help with Excel, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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