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Windows executables and DLLs and such tend to require an execution environment, which is usually Windows.
There's the wine environment (and specifically the darwine port, the codeweavers crossover stuff, or other such, as wine runs on various platforms), but one usual approach is to run Microsoft Windows as a guest of one of the available virtual machines, or to run Windows alternate-booting with Mac OS X from the same disk with the assistance of the Apple Leopard Boot Camp environment.
Parallels and Fusion are virtual machines, and not Windows-compatible operating systems. You then run an operating system as a guest of one of these virtual machines. Which could be Windows.

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Amazon’s new Prime Video app for Mac enables local downloads on desktop Until now, downloading Prime Video shows and films was only possible on mobile. Jul 04, 2008 Question: Q.exe reader for apple? Is there any program I can download, either free or not free, that allows Mac users to download and open.exe files (applications or program files for the Windows operating system)?

Jul 4, 2008 3:23 PM

Steganography is the science and art of hiding communications. Classical steganography systems depend on keeping the encoding system secret, but modern steganography is detectable only if secret information is known, e.g. a secret key.

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Outguess is an advanced Stegonagraphy tool. The app will hide your file inside the picture of your choice in easy steps.

To hide a file within an image:

  • Select your image (container) and a file to hide (content).
  • Write a key in the preferences (used to hide data).
  • Click 'hide data' to hide your file within your image.

To extract the previously saved hidden files:

  • Select an Outguess image in the extract panel.
  • Write the correct key in the extract panel.
  • Click extract.
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OutGuess works by preserving statistics based on frequency counts. The result is no known statistical test is able to detect the presence of steganographic content. Before embedding data into an image, OutGuess determines the maximum message size that can be hidden in JPEG formats whilst still being able to maintain statistics based on frequency counts.