Download HELIOS WebShare For Mac 1.0

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Download HELIOS WebShare For Mac 1.0
  1. Download HELIOS WebShare for Mac to secure file server access via browser. Operating Systems. Operating Systems Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.1.
  2. HELIOS is now shipping HELIOS WebShare, a secure and extremely fast server solution that enables users to access their file servers over the Internet. WebShare replaces inefficient and insecure file transfer methods such as FTP, VPN, ISDN, e-mail and others; using an intuitive Web browser interface to enable real time file uploads and downloads.
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We'd like to share our experience from the soft proof testing and FograCert soft proof certification. One major characteristic of the Fogra certification is that the complete viewing environment is taken into account instead of measuring directly on the proof monitor screen only (which omits the viewing condition). Fogra uses the Konica Minolta CS-2000 spectroradiometer to measure colors from a viewing distance of about 80 cm, and they compare the soft proof colors against the reference print (or proof) in the viewing light box.

A good starting point to set up your own working soft proof system is an already FograCert certified soft proof solution. Usually, the certified solution includes or specifies a monitor, color measurement devices with profile-making software, proofing software, and a reference “viewing condition”, in this case, a Just Color Communicator 2 light box showing a reference print printed in accordance with the Fogra39 printing process. A Fogra certified solution means that the soft proof was certified with the setup and viewing conditions at Fogra.

This article gives advice on how to get a perfectly matching soft proof which is visually identical with a print or proof within a light box. Once the match is perfect, the resulting calibration values (paperwhite K, x, y and Candela) can be used to set up new soft proof stations matching your reference proofing environment.

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For this documentation we give the instructions for Mac OS X computers. However, the same Eizo and Quato profiling applications are identical on Windows, therefore it should be easy to adapt this to Windows. Other operating system related settings should also be easy to adapt to Windows.