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ILeech is a Mac OS X application that will connect to an iTunes 4.0 Share, list its database, and allow you to download copies of any desired music (as opposed to iTunes 4.0 builtin support, which only allows streaming of the music).


  • March 25, 2004:
    1. Free download page for Project iLeech's iLeechv0.37b.dmg.iLeech is a Mac OS X application that will allow you to download music from an iTunes v4.0 Share. RendezvousProxy is an application that allows iTunes v4.0 to connect to remote shares, ideal.
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    • Posted iLeech v0.37b. Recommended download for all users (especially those using v0.37). No new features, but some bugs have been fixed.
  • March 17, 2004:
    • iLeech v0.37 for Mac OS X has been released. This version has better support for iTunes/daap servers and improved daap code (should eliminate a few bugs). Hopefully there will be another release before April, with features that have been requested over the past 10 months. As always this release is available from the Download link to your left.
  • Nov 26, 2003:
    • Site redesign. Hopefully its not as horrid looking as it was previously.
    • RendezvousProxy/Swing v0.20 was released today.
    Oct 30, 2003:
    • Due to circumstances out of my control, I have been unable to maintain the MacOS X versions of iLeech and RendezvousProxy, and will not be able to for the forseeable future. If there are any developers interested in continuing the development of these versions, please email me. Note: This doesn't effect the pure Java ports, just the native MacOS X versions.
  • Oct 29, 2003:
    • A pure Java port of RendezvousProxy has been started. Downloads can be found on the RendezvousProxy page.
  • July 10, 2003:
    • A pure Java port of iLeech has been started (i.e. this version will run on Classic MacOS, Windows, UNIX, etc). It can be found on the download page.
  • June 9, 2003:
    • I've been horribly sidetracked with work on some other projects. iLeech v0.36 was released today, although it's a minor update to v0.35.4. Most notably, users can now hide the playlists table, and a few more exceptions are being handled properly. The stand alone daap server does work, however there are serious performance issues which need to be worked out before it is released. Hopefully this will occur later this week. After that, work will start on iLeech v0.4. The features planned for that release are an Artist/Album browser similar to iTunes, a Server Browser which will show local Rendezvous hosts, and a handful of other minor features. Hopefully this will be released this time next week.
  • June 1, 2003:
  • Download
    • I haven't worked on iLeech in a few days. I'm presently working on a standalone daap server, that will allow both iTunes v4.0 and v4.0.1 to connect (this currently works without problems). This will allow a lot more control over connections than what iTunes allows. You can limit more/less users (iTunes maxes out at 5), ban users, watch trends (how many files/megabytes a user has downloaded, etc). The core server components work flawlessly right now. Work is being done on the GUI, and I hope to have a v0.1 release out Tuesday. Once that is released, I will resume work on iLeech v0.36
  • May 31, 2003:
    • Rendezvous Proxy v0.11 is released.
  • May 30, 2003:
    • Rendezvous Proxy v0.1 is released. It's main purpose is to 'proxy' Rendezvous responses across subnets, which will also allow users of iTunes v4.0.1 to connect to iTunes v4.0.1 shares on a separate subnet.
  • May 29, 2003:
    • iLeech v0.35.4 has been released. This is a very minor update, and is not required that all users upgrade. This version only addresses two issues from v0.35.3. Now, if the remote host is an iTunes v4.0.1, an error message will be displayed and iLeech will refuse to connect. And also, many times in v0.35.3 if a user got a 'Unexpected Network Error' message, that was actually due to the server being full (5 users connected). The proper error message is now displayed. Also the LGPL license has been included with the source.
    • For those curious as to why iTunes v4.0.1 won't be supported, besides the subnet restriction there are other 'tricks' in place.
    • The quitting announcement may have been too premature. I am going to take a couple of days off to further decide, and a lot is dependent upon the community. If many users continue using v4.0, not upgrading to v4.0.1, then I may continue feature development on iLeech. If a majority of users upgrade to v4.0.1, then I will most likely stop development on iLeech (but continue other daap projects, such as mod_daap). As always, I will post the status of those decisions here.
    • iLeech v0.36 will be delayed for a couple of days. I will try and keep any progress posted here.
  • May 27, 2003:
    • Well, it was only a matter of time. Apple has released v4.0.1, which breaks compatability with iTunes v4.0, and obviously iLeech. Also introduced is the 'feature' that limits sharing to the local subnet. So with that having been said, I think it's time to call it quits. It's been an amazingly fun ride for 2 weeks, but I think it's time to move on. There will be one last release of iLeech, scheduled for May 28th that will addres the last few remaining bugs from v0.35.x. I'd like to thank everybody, both those supportive of and those against iLeech. All the attention certainly made the last 2 weeks memorable.
    • v0.35.3 has been released, fixing one more minor problem for some users with v0.35.2. Again it's suggested all users upgrade to this version.
  • May 26, 2003:
    • v0.35.2 has been released. If you are using v0.35, please upgrade to this version immediately. This attempts to fix a few bugs found in v0.35, most notably: If the user doesn't have the 'Size' metadata column selected, the download progress indicators don't work. This also addresses the problem with adding/removing table columns. And also in the rare case (1 reported incident) where the server history file won't persist the information, a slight fix has been implemented for that (a band-aid of sorts). Japanese localization has made it in, so if you speak better Japanese than English, this is for you.
  • May 25, 2003:
    • Slight bug with v0.35 was found. If you didn't have an existing server history file, the application wouldn't start up. If you have downloaded v0.35 prior to 8PM MDT on 2003.05.25, please redownload the file as this issue has now been fixed.
    • And there it is... v0.35 has been released. It can be donwloaded through the Download page. What is the future for iLeech? I'm not sure. There are a few items planned for v0.40 (see the TODO List), however work on that release may be delayed for a week while other side-projects are worked on (A Swing port of iLeech so non OS X users can use it, as well as mod_daap so any Apache server can be turned into a daap server). Status will be posted here on whatever project is currently being worked on.
  • May 24, 2003:
  • Download ILeech For Mac 0.37b Download

    • v0.35 will be slightly delayed, most likely released this evening or tomorrow. New code is being added to automatically submit bug reports if unexpected errors occur, which should greatly help the debugging process.
  • May 22, 2003:
    • Code rewrite is going strong, and so far it is paying off. Previously in areas where the program would run out of memory, it no longer does so. There is still a fair bit of work to be done on rewriting the GUI, and I am anticipating the release of v0.35 to be either late Friday evening, or early Saturday. And for those interested, you can check out a screenshot of v0.35 here. While there aren't any major differences in the GUI from that of v0.31, you can see the rows are now striped ala iTunes (Many thanks to Dave Thorup for providing the code), as well as more table columns (all columns can now be displayed -- this was an area where iLeech previously ran into out of memory exceptions), and a table to display the iTunes host's playlists.
  • May 20, 2003:
    • The core functionality (parser, etc) has been completely re-written. The code is much better now, although I haven't had a chance to do any performance comparisons with the old code. Work will start tomorrow on rewriting the GUI (for v0.35). Hopefully both of these will yield considerable performance increases.
    • I've also added a Support forum to the Source Forge Project Page. If you have any support questions, please post them in this forum (instead of emailing me).
  • May 19, 2003:
    • v0.31 is released. Hopefully this eliminates any criticism in regards to the v0.3 GUI changes. Please check out the History page for specific changes. Also please note, if you have ran v0.30, you will need to delete the iLeech plist files from your ~/Library/Preferences directory prior to running v0.31.
    • Work continues on the complete rewrite scheduled for v0.35. This should hopefully be out at the end of the week. Of course, if a major bug is discovered in the current v0.31 codebase, I will turn out a fix for it prior to v0.35.
  • May 18, 2003:
    • There seems to be some mixed feedback on the UI in v0.3. I'm taking all criticism into consideration, and will probably release a v0.31 shortly that addresses these criticisms. In the mean time, if you're one of those who is unhappy with the changes, please continue using v0.28.
    • If released, v0.31 would change the UI back to the v0.2x style (mostly), while still maintain the multiple-window-interface. Some additional features like an iTunes-style search are implemented as well.

    Download ILeech For Mac 0.37b -

  • May 17, 2003:
    • v0.30 is released. Many improvements over the previous versions. Download it from the Download page.
    • Work on v0.35 will begin shortly. This will mostly focus on a complete rewrite of the code, emphasing on clean code and better performance. Once the performance issues are worked out, users will be able to add/remove table columns. Other features planned: Complete the 'Recent Servers' menu, fix issues with unicode characters, more preferences (to toggle if a file should always be overwritten, etc), and a song get info. Hopefully v0.35 will be considered the first beta release of iLeech. Don't expect this version for probably the next week, however if any major bugs are found in the current v0.3 release, I will push out a minor release to fix them.
    • Web page slightly redesigned. Still could use improvements.
  • May 15, 2003:
    • v0.28 is released. Work still progresses on v0.3
    • As the old saying goes... there's no such thing as bad publicity. In 3 short days, iLeech has sky-rocketed into the top #100 most active Source Forge projects this week (as of this writing iLeech is at #97).
  • May 14, 2003:
    • v0.25 is released. Small bug fixes from v0.2, and column sorting has been implemented. Work on v0.3 still progresses.
  • May 13, 2003:
  • Download ILeech For Mac 0.37b
    • v0.2 is released. This is a great improvement over (the horrible) v0.1. Check it out!
    • Work on v0.3 has now started.