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Write and organize better all your texts and notes.

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iNotepad is an app designed specifically to allow you to write and perfectly organize all your texts and notes. Try it now and it will soon become essential for all aspects related to writing texts with your Mac.

Designed for Mac

Designed to support all the latest Apple text technologies.

  • Write and organize all your texts and notes on Mac.
  • Features of GoodNotes 5.4.14 for Mac. An easy to handle perfect document editor for Mac users. Enables users to create, edit and import digital documents. Quickly import PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files to annotate them. Helps users to draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool. Comes with straightforward, clean and user-friendly interface.

iNotepad will increase your productivity. Write texts and format them as you like, enhance them with images and export them into various standard file formats. Double-click on one image to edit it on the spot. Double-click on the list to edit the various texts in separate windows while continuing to look up all the other ones in the main window. Quickly find all your texts and notes when you need them thanks to convenient search tools, tags and handy navigable Recents system.

Notepad On Mac

Quickly find that text you wrote last year

Within an iNotepad’s document you will find all the texts you wrote about a particular topic.

Download Notepad For Mac 5 5 X

When you open a document in iNotepad, within you will find all the texts you wrote about that subject, and not only the last text you wrote as in other applications. But the best part is that iNotepad features intuitive tools which are easy to use to immediately find what you are looking for, as well as organising options, tag view, the possibility to open every text in a separate window, basic or advanced search via Regular Expressions and the quick scrolling through recent texts.

Download INotepad For Mac 5.5

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You have everything in one place
As opposed to what happens with other apps for writing. Every document in iNotepad may contain hundreds or thousands of texts. For example all the reviews that you wrote for your blog or all the research papers that you wrote for school in the last few years.

Have you added an image to your text and realize that it needs to be cropped or rotated? You don’t need to use another program, just double-click it and you can edit the image right there and then! Would you like to add notes or lines to your image? It’s the easiest thing: open the context menu and do your edits.

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iNotepad was born to write and manage multiple texts efficiently and conveniently. Here are the highlights.

  • iNotepad supports the latest macOS technologies to write any text with formatting and images.
  • iNotepad documents are designed to gather hundreds or thousands of texts belonging to a specific subject.
  • Optimize your work allowing you to extensively drag and drop from the Finder and from other applications.
  • Easily arrange, manages and organise tons of notes and texts and allows you to quickly find them when you need them.
  • Easily export and shares any text or group of texts.
  • Manage tags to easily classify, view and export the texts you need during your work.
  • iNotepad allows you to export an entire group of texts simply by dragging a tag to the desktop.
  • Thanks to the use of a password, iNotepad protects your privacy and avoids involuntary edits by others using your Mac.
  • If you use more than a Mac computer, thanks to iCloud (supported on the version distributed on the Mac App Store only), all your documents are automatically updated to make sure the most current information is available on all your computers.