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Table of contents

    What is Jam?
    Where can I get it?
    Why is Jam better than Make?
    Simple Jam How-To
    Where to get FT Jam?

Jam is a small open-source build tool that can be used as areplacement for Make. Even though Jam is a lot simpler to use thanMake, it is far more powerful and easy to master. It already works ona large variety of platforms (Unix, Windows, OS/2, VMS, MacOS, BeOS,etc.), it is trivial to port, and its design is sufficiently clear toallow any average programmer to extend it with advanced features atwill.

The main differences between Jam and Make are as follows.

  • Jam uses ‘Jamfiles’ instead of‘Makefiles’.

  • Jamfiles do not normally contain toolset-specific rules oractions. They are thus portable among distinct compilers.

  • Jamfiles are a lot simpler than Makefiles to write andunderstand, while providing the same functionality, and much, muchmore.

There are currently two versions of Jam available.

  • The classic Jam, which is available, withdocumentation, from the official Jamhomepage at Perforce,the original Jam author.

  • An improved version, named ‘FT Jam’,containing several enhancements (like the ability to run onWindows 9x systems, or additional compiler/toolset support). Lookhere for download information.

We highly recommend that you use FT Jam as it is 100%backwards compatible with classic Jam and can be used as aplug-in replacement for it. The list of changes between these twoprograms is available here.

Alternatively, FT Jam exists because Perforce hadn't the timeto update Jam in a very long time, and we still hope thatthese improvements will be integrated back to classic Jam as soon aspossible.

Assuming that the ‘jam’ executable is in your path (Visual Studiodevelopers may additionally need to set the environment for command-line building,e.g. vcvars32.bat)

Building a project

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Go to the project's top-level directory, then type

If you do not already have the JAM_TOOLSET environment variableset, JAM will display the available options. Set JAM_TOOLSET to thevalue appropriate for your environment.

Download Jam Digital Untuk Komputer

Otherwise, this builds your project's file. In case of error, itprints the build command (compilation, link, etc.) that producedit.

Installing a project

Once your project is compiled, type

This installs the project (on Unix-like systems).

Cleaning after a build or install


Simply type

To clean all temporary targets, i.e., object files, libraries,executables, etc.

While the official Jam 2.5 (on which the current version ofFT Jam is based) is available from the Jam homepage, weprovide our modified version in several ways.

Download Jam Digital

  • Through SourceForge
    Check the package named ftjam on our SourceForgedownload page. Currently binary packages are available forolder versions only.

  • Through our FTP mirrors
    Check the directory tools/jam in one of our mirrors.

The Perforcepublic depot holds older versions of the FT Jam sources..

Note that we no longer provide a CVS module for our Jam sources, inorder to avoid painful synchonisation issues between the CVSrepository and the Perforce Public depot.

This Repo is the continuation of unixpickle/JamWiFi, since it got deprecated and won't be updated

Update 1.3.2

  • Added Join Option (Intended for Join by BSSID)
  • Scan Errors now have a description (console only)

Update 1.3.1

  • Added Settings (Hidden Networks, ..)
  • Added Column Sorting

Update 1.3

  • Rewrite in Swift

Update 1.2

  • Added Support for MacOS Mojave/Catalina
  • Added Dark Mode Support

Known Bugs

Devices that are build 2018 and later seem to crash when performing the packet injection. Unfortunately, I don't possess such a device myself, so I'm not able to fix it right now

Legacy ReadMe

What Does It Do?

JamWiFi allows you to select one or more nearby wireless networks, thereupon presenting a list of clients which are currently active on the network(s). Furthermore, JamWiFi allows you to disconnect clients of your choosing for as long as you wish.

How Does It Work?

Under the hood, JamWiFi uses Apple's CoreWLAN API for channel hopping and network scanning. For a raw packet interface, libpcap provides a good point of abstraction for sending/receiving raw 802.11 frames at the MAC layer. All 802.11 MAC packets include a MAC address source and destination. This allows JamWiFi to determine the stations on a given Access Point.

JamWiFi 'kicks off' clients using a disassociation frame. When a client receives a disassociation frame from an Access Point, it will assume that any connection which it had with the AP is no longer active. However, once a client receives a disassociation frame, it may immediately attempt to establish a new session with the AP. To prevent against this, JamWiFi continually sends disassociation frames to every client quite frequently.


Some networks include more than one Access Point. Moreover, there may be scenarios in which more than one usable WiFi network is available to a client. In this scenario, even if a client is disassociated from one AP, it may successfully be able to establish a session with another AP. To overcome this, JamWiFi sends disassociation frames to every client from every AP, whether or not that client may be associated with the AP. While this may seem like unnecessary overhead, it is necessary for more complex networks with >1 access point.

I can't wait to ruin my neighbors' networks!

Just a second, there. I am not responsible for any damage you may do to anybody using this tool. This is for experimental and learning purposes only. Please, please, please, think twice before you do something stupid with this. How would you like it if your WiFi never worked because you had a jerk for a neighbor?