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Just like Cydia for iOS devices, there's also an alternative application store for the Mac App Store for your macOS computer: we're talking about HackStore. Its developers want users to have more possibilities to choose what to install on their computer and to have access to software that hasn't made it to the App Store due to not meeting some of its rules or licenses.

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Main features of the alternative to the Mac App Store

Download Levelator for Mac 2.1.1 iso
  • The interface recreates the aspect of the official marketplace so no users will have problems finding out how to use it.
  • Includes programs that Apple hasn't authorized, as well as free and open-source applications.
  • How to use it is very simple: download the application, install it, and ready.
  • Includes a huge repository of applications with programs of the likes of FileZilla, PaintBrush or GIMP.
  • Sorts the applications by categories and comes along with a search tool.

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Levelator For Pc

However, for the time being, although we can download and install the store, its interface only shows us a pitch-black window so we can no longer access its repository of applications. Let's hope that its developers or others recover the project in the future (if Apple lets them).

Cn Levelator

The Levelator was a free application distributed by The Conversations Network and developed by Bruce and Malcolm Sharpe, Norman Lorrain and Doug Kaye. Originally distributed by GigaVox Media, Inc (a for-profit company), the rights were transferred to The Conversations Network (a California 501 (c) (3)) in 2008.