Download MPlay For Mac 1.9

Download MPlay For Mac 1.9MPlay

This is a recreated from the ground up version of godly-devotion's Baka-MPlayer. By developing this version in Qt5, we can in the future distribute this to the existing users and to more users on different operating systems.

Linux Users


I've put the PKGBUILD in the AUR; I've developed this on ArchLinux so you should have no problems (except if your mpv version is incompatible, I'll be working with the mpv creators to fix any issues that do arise).

Mplayer Download For Mac

Freeplane is a free and open source application for organising, visualising and sharing information. The program is a redesigned version of FreeMind, and can similarly be used to create mindmaps, although with more features and functionality. 7/10 - Download MPlayer Free. MPlayer is a light multimedia player compatible with a large amount of formats. Enjoy all your films on your computer by downloading MPlayer free of charge. Windows includes a default media player that we can use to enjoy our music, video, and films, but it has one.

Mplayer download free

Other Linux

Mplayer for pc

You'll have to download the source and get it compiled by following the simple directions in the README.md file.

Windows Users

Sorry; you'll have to anticipate the Beta Release when we hope to have Windows Compilation and support ready.

Download MPlay For Mac 1.9

Mac OS X

There is no support as of this moment for Mac OS X; this is mostly because I do not have access to a Mac OS X computer nor do I want to have access to one--frankly. But I'd gladly work with anyone on such a system to extend support.

Contact Us

Download Mplay For Mac 1.9 Pro

If you would like to get in touch with the developers, you can contact us via email, this (issue submission, etc..), or our IRC Channel on freenode #baka-mplayer where I will be if I am available.