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Python 2 library for reading/writing Mac OS X binary plists python-bitarray (0.8.1-1+b2) Python module for efficient boolean array handling python-bitbucket (0.1-1) Python bindings for the bitbucket.org REST API python-bitstring (3.1.5-1) Python module for manipulation of binary data (Python 2) python-bitstruct (3.1.0-1) Python bit pack/unpack. Package name resolution data. Example: `pip install biopython` yields Bio and BioSQL modules. Python-PackageMappings.json.

I have problems starting a jupyter notebook with a python 3 kernel. As far as I remember things have worked before. Notebooks with Python 2.7 kernel are fine. I tried to update packages but finally, I don't know where to look for. I hope, I did not miss any solution which has been already posted. If so, I am sorry - but I spent quite some time to look for it.

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For diagnostics:

This is the first part of the output:

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Any help is appreciated!

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Try this:

pip3 install jupyter

ipython kernel install --name=python3 --user

this combination always helped me, it also allows you to create new jupyter kernel inside virtualenvironment.


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