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TinkerTool is an application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into macOS. This allows to activate hidden features in the operating system and in some of the applications delivered with the system.

The tool makes sure that preference changes can only affect the current user. You don't need administrative privileges to use the tool. With this design, it is no problem to use TinkerTool in professional networks where users have restricted permissions. The program will never change any component of the operating system, so the integrity of your system is not put at risk, and there will be no negative effect on system updates. Compliance with these security rules is additionally guaranteed by the application sandbox of macOS.

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All preference settings changed by TinkerTool can be reset to Apple's defaults, or to the state that existed before using the tool. No dangerous background processes are used for TinkerTool's operation.

TinkerTool is electronically distributed software. You can download the product free of charge.

TinkerTool generations for older operating systems

TinkerTool is available for all generations of macOS, OS X, and Mac OS X. Please see our version overview for details.

QTranslate 6.9.0

29 August 2021 1011 Kb MD5: e370ee23233a9938447c1da17b5a296e


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  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Internet connection

QTranslate 6.9.0 portable

29 August 2021 1131 Kb MD5: b235d430d195e0821a4dfd0309faaaa0

XDXF dictionaries

  1. Download dictionary and unpack the .xdxf file to the directory you wish
  2. Open the QTranslate application and then Options window
  3. In the Options window select Services tab
  4. Click on the 'Add dictionary...' button and browse to the folder where you unpacked .xdxf file
  5. Select .xdxf file - the dictionary will be indexed and added to the Dictionaries list
Note! Dictionaries are downloaded from the sourceforge.net site.

Change log

  • New: Updated list of supported languages by DeepL
  • New: Mongolian localization
  • Fixed: Microsoft, Papago, Promt, and Google search services
  • New: DeepL supports Japanese and Chinese Traditional
  • New: Indonesian localization
  • New: Text size option is applied to history view
  • New: Dictionary zoom is saved (Ctrl+ > zoom in, Ctrl- > zoom out, Ctrl0 > default zoom)
  • Fixed: Promt, DeepL, Papago translation services
  • Fixed: Youdao doesn't translate long text
  • New: Bengali, Tatar languages
  • Fixed: Microsoft service
  • Fixed: Google Translate website translates better than the application
  • Updated: BASS to v2.4.15
  • Fixed: Microsoft, youdao, Google search, and Multitran services
  • Updated: Removed SDL and Definr services
  • New: DeepL supports Portuguese and Russian languages
  • Fixed: DeepL translation service
  • Fixed: Regular fonts are not available in options
  • Fixed: Google translation service
  • Fixed: Baidu translation service
  • Updated: Most services use https protocol
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  • New: Naver service API (Naver service was renamed to Papago)
  • New: Marathi language
  • New: Danish localization
  • Improved: Text recognition
  • Fixed: Yandex translates only short texts
  • Fixed: Microsoft service doesn't work in China (set Preferred Domain option to 'cn')
  • Fixed: Options are not saved sometimes after user logoff
  • New: 'Enable global hotkeys' tray menu option
  • Fixed: Text recognition
  • Updated: libcurl to 7.61.0
  • Updated: wolfssl to 3.15.3
  • Updated: zlib to 1.2.11
  • New: History export to JSON format
  • New: Kannada and Tamil languages
  • New: Portuguese Europian localization
  • New: 'Pin when dragging' popup window option
  • New: Proxy scheme option
  • Fixed: DeepL translation service
  • Updated: libcurl to 7.59.0
  • New: History export to CSV format
  • New: 'Remove line breaks' option (fixes PDF translation)
  • Fixed: Microsoft translation service
  • Fixed: Popup window is closed immediately on mouse exit
  • New: DeepL translation service
  • New: Mongolian language
  • New: Keyboard window is resizable
  • Fixed: Baidu, Promt and youdao translation services
  • Fixed: Any QTranslate window activation brings to the top all the visible QTranslate windows
  • Fixed: Replace selected text with Microsoft service adds redundand new line
  • Fixed: Translate button click cancels instant translation result
  • New: Microsoft translation API
  • New: High-DPI support in Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • New: Khmer, Telugu languages
  • New: Hebrew, Vietnamese localizations
  • New: Arabic, Bulgarian, and Croatian OCR languages
  • New: F11 turns on/off main/dictionary window full-screen mode
  • Fixed: Youdao service
  • Fixed: Czech OCR language
  • Fixed: Urban dictionary
  • Fixed: 'Click on system icon switches mouse mode' option doesn't work in 'Enabled for these programs' mode
  • Improved: Translation history is auto-saved every 3 minutes
  • Updated: RichEdit control from RichEdit20W to RichEdit50W
  • New: Farsi localization
  • New: 'Enable listening to the same text at a slower speed' option
  • Fixed: Google Translate doesn't translate big text
  • Fixed: QTranslate crash when listening to text
  • New: Naver translation service
  • New: OCR API key option for text recognition
  • New: Speech input auto-detect language option
  • New: Speech input hotkey
  • Fixed: Google Translate, Yandex, Promt services 'No data' error when text exceeds the limit
  • Fixed: Oxford Learner Dictionary service
  • Fixed: 'Cannot play audio stream' when Windows changes the default sound device
  • New: Speech recognition
  • New: When listening to the same text a second time, services will play the words at a slower speed
  • Improved: Yandex and ABBYY Lingvo Live dictionary response
  • Improved: Increased text chunk size for better text listening experience
  • New: libcurl 7.50.3, wolfssl 3.9.10
  • New: 'Auto-hide delay' option for the popup window
  • New: Romanian localization
  • New: SOCKS4, SOCKS5 server proxy support
  • Improved: Translation can be added to favorites in instant mode
  • Improved: Urban Dictionary, WordReference
  • Fixed: Yandex, SDL services don't work in Windows XP
  • Fixed: ABBYY Lingvo Live dictionary
  • Fixed: QTranslate doesn't work on CPUs without SSE2 support (old PCs)
  • Fixed: The popup window isn't auto hidden when 'Enable auto position' option is set
  • Fixed: Click on dictionary navigation icon reloads content in Windows 10
  • Fixed: Mouse mode doesn't work in Microsoft Edge browser

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  • Fixed: Google Translate service doesn't work in China
  • Fixed: Application rendering issue when 'Enable window style' option is enabled
  • Fixed: History navigation menu item text rendering when text contains tab character
  • Fixed: 'Text Recognition' menu item is visible on screenshot
  • New: OCR Text Recognition
  • Fixed: Yandex translation service
  • Fixed: Babylon translation and dictionary services
  • Fixed: 'Replace selected text' trims text when there is comma in translation
  • Updated: BASS to v2.4.12
  • New: Automatically check for updates option
  • New: Improved translation speed
  • New: Tooltips for popup window buttons
  • Fixed: Yandex and SDL translation services
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Italian and Uyghur localizations
  • New: Google domain option for Chinese users
  • Fixed: Google Translate service
  • Updated: Chinese Simplified, French, Korean, and Turkish localizations
  • New: Tajik language
  • New: 'Listen to selected text translation' hotkey
  • New: 'Listen' menu item in the history window
  • Fixed: Yandex and Wikipedia services
  • Fixed: Replace functionality doesn't work properly when word has dash
  • Fixed: Google and Yandex translation services
  • Fixed: Can't select backspace key with modifiers in the hotkey window
  • Updated: Ctrl+Shift+Q is default hotkey for the Dictionary window
  • Updated: Italian localization

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  • New: Sinhala language
  • New: +13 languages for Yandex service
  • Fixed: Google text to speech functionality
  • Improved: Baidu translation service (supports 26 languages)
  • Updated: Chinese Traditional, French, Greek, Korean, and Polish localizations
  • New: Uyghur localization
  • Fixed: Google Translate (translation of the last sentence for some languages and romanization)
  • Fixed: Promt service translation
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Hungarian, French, Finnish, and Italian localizations
  • New: XDXF dictionaries support
  • New: History navigation in dictionary window
  • New: Google suggestions for dictionary search
  • New: Dictionary icon in the popup window
  • New: 'Enable mouse mode only when Ctrl is pressed' option
  • New: 'Click on system tray icon switches mouse mode' option
  • New: Tooltips in the services buttons
  • Improved: Application cache
  • Fixed: Google Translate and Promt services
  • Fixed: Urban Dictionary
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Turkish localizations
  • New: Kazakh, Uzbek languages
  • New: Oxford Learner Dictionary
  • New: Translate clipboard in main/popup/dictionary windows hot keys
  • New: Added 'Translate' and 'Listen' menu items to the edit menu
  • New: 'Enable auto position' popup window option
  • New: Always detect language option (auto > language1 > language2)
  • New: Popup window frame thickness option
  • Fixed: History navigation issue
  • Fixed: Show main window hotkey doesn't work when desktop is active
  • Fixed: Default browser list is empty
  • Updated: BASS to v2.4.11
  • New: Dictionary result uses current theme
  • New: Main window hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+1..9 for opening dictionary with selected 1..9th service
  • New: Main window hotkey Ctrl+Up to copy translation to the text input box
  • New: Mouse mode 'Show translation and read'
  • New: Clear history on exit option
  • New: Lao language
  • New: Languages hot keys work in popup window
  • New: 'Activate when opened' popup window option
  • Fixed: SDL, ImTranslator services
  • Fixed: Redraw-bug in the bottom area of popup window when using just one service
  • Updated: Google translate and search services use https protocol
  • New: Esperanto, Hmong and Latin languages
  • New: Baidu translation service
  • New: Change keyboard layout and selected text hot key
  • New: Holo Light and Holo Dark themes
  • Fixed: Urban Dictonary service
  • Updated: Supported languages

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  • New: Slovenian localization
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Japanese, and Polish localizations
  • Fixed: Doesn't work in Chrome 34.0.1847.116
  • Fixed: Yandex translation new line issue
  • Fixed: Urban Dictonary service
  • Fixed: Application hangs when translation history is full
  • Fixed: The color of the copied text depends on the current theme
  • Fixed: Checking for updates uses HTTPS protocol
  • Fixed: When QTranslate is running on one account and you switch to another, QTranslate will not start
  • New: Favorites support
  • New: Services buttons in the dictionary window
  • New: Translate clipboard content hot key
  • New: Middle mouse click on service button opens service in browser
  • New: youdao dictionary service
  • New: Back/Forward history navigation using mouse xbuttons
  • Improved: Bing Translator audio quality
  • Updated: Supported languages
  • Fixed: SDL translation service, Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary services
  • Fixed: Main window doesn't restore maximized state after program restart if is closed to tray
  • Fixed: Main window is not on taskbar after program restart if is closed to tray on Windows XP
  • Fixed: Doesn't work in EVE Online
  • Fixed: Escape doesn't close popup window if edit control has focus
  • Fixed: Once focused, the popup window is always showed focused
  • New: Added support for custom themes
  • New: Ability to change the default browser
  • Fixed: Yandex translation service
  • Fixed: TAB key clears current translation when auto-cleanup mode is enabled
  • Updated: bass 2.4.10