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by compucare
(New York)

Download Learn To Read Music for iOS to learning to read music is a fantastic thing to do and can give you a tremendous basis for learning to play many instruments.This app has 77. Download Learn Blues Piano for macOS 10.11 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Learn to play the Blues on the piano and keyboards with this astonishing collection of over 160 tuitional lessons. Learn the basics, learn the licks and you will soon be having fun! A link is provided for you to download the video demonstrations. The following topics are covered in this piano tutorial: Introduction 1.0 Chapter 1 Silent Night 2.0 Chapter 2 Music Score 3.0 Chapter 3 Song Analysis 4.0 Chapter 4 Song Structure - a b c c d d’ 5.0 Chapter 5 Chord Progression 6.0 Chapter 6 Rhythmic Chart 3/4.

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If you are looking for a way to write and print music and don't have a bundle of money I recommend that you check out and try Muse 1.0
I needed a way to add some customized piano exercises to give to my personal students and found a link on this site to a free version of Muse 1.0
Down loading it was easy. No hassels and no extra tool bars or other gimmicks were added to the download.
There is a version for both Windows and Mac users.
Once the program was up and running I began to experiment with writing some simple charts.
The program was fairly intuitive and the built in manual and online help were easily available when I had a specific thing I wanted to accomplish.
With in an hour I was able to create several exercises by useing the mouse to add and edit note imformation.
You can use a MIDI interface as well to enter note info from a keyboard.
Note: the MIDI keyboard enters one note or chord at a time. This mode of
note entry (often called 'step-time entry') is fast and reliable. Some notation
software tries to interpret 'real-time entry' where the musician plays a
passage and the software tries to create the notation. However the results
are frequently unreliable even when played by a skilled musician using
expensive software. MuseScore's focus is on more reliable forms of note
I was able to save my exercies as jpeg, png or many other formats so that I could print and publish them easily. I used paint to enlarge and tailor them to my needs.
Muse uses whatever internal sound card to play back and you can write parts for a multitude of instruments.
Another cool thing is that you can wirte drum parts and percussion notation as well so it will function as a sort of drum machine.
In Conclusion:
Muse 1.0 did every thing I wanted to do at the time and then some and the best part of it is that it was Free!!
Great for teachers and students alike.