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VLC Media Player is one of the most popular applications that have been recently updated to the 1.0 version, and now a new flavor has been released to users. VLC Media Player 1.0.1 comes with a series of improvements and bug fixes, including translation updates, fixes for Qt and MacOS interface or codec updates for Mac OS and Windows.

As many of you might already know, VLC Media Player comes as a highly portable multimedia player that also works as a multimedia framework that can play back almost all the audio and video formats available today, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac, and more. In addition, the player can also read DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and a series of streaming protocols.


The change log of VLC Media Player 1.0.1 shows, besides the already mentioned features, flv and mpeg2 seeking, along with wmv, wav, rtsp and ssa support, a fix of an integer underflow in Real pseudo-RTSP module, as well as port of the ZVBI module to Windows for full teletext support.

The new improvements add to the already existing features of the VLC Media Player, such as Live recording, Instant pausing and Frame-by-Frame support, Zipped file playback, Customizable toolbars, AirTunes streaming, MTP devices on linux, Video scaling in fullscreen, RTSP Trickplay support, or the fact that it can be used as server to stream on IPv4 or IPv6 via high-bandwidth networks.

Download Plum Record for Mac 1.0.1 crack

Those who would like to use the player on Mac systems should know that it requires QuickTime 6.5.2 or later, as well as a G4 / Intel processor for smooth MPEG-2 decoding. VLC Media Player comes as a free application, released under the GNU General Public License.Download VLC Media Player 1.0.1 for Mac OS XDownload VLC Media Player 1.0.1 for Windows Download Portable VLC Media Player 1.0.0 for WindowsDownload VLC Media Player 1.0.1 for Linux

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Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1RecordDownload Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1
  • Hi Can anyone please help me. at one point the Butt was working perfectly fine Now I keep getting an error message that comes up. Saying error while parsing config. lllegal value (-1) for num _of _ srv Butt is going to close now , I have tried to uninstall the program but the error message is not going away any suggestions would appreciate your assistance.
  • I have used butt on a Macbook Air and really liked it but I've never been able to get it to compile on my Ubuntu/Linux machine. My last try failed with a make problem with libcrypto - this is with version 0.1.20. I have Pop-OS 20.04 which is Ubuntu from System 76 and no luck compiling. I certainly rate the program highly and wish I could find a solution -- the Apple version comes as a DMG package and there are no install problems at all. -Daniel - thanks for the helpful response. I'll follow up and let you know when I've got it working.

    Reply from butt (broadcast using this tool)

    Posted 2020-05-16
    Hello tohasu, a missing libcrypto most likely means you have not installed openssl. Please install the libssl-dev packet. If you are still having issues, please have a look at the manual: http://danielnoethen.de/butt/manual.html#_install If it still fails, write me a mail. Best, Daniel
  • Hybrid-Analysis rates this program as malicious. Would never install. [https]://hybrid-analysis.com/sample/434e23c7274f685cca82ea8b511c2297c20b8d84967c21ba289004198230aab8

    Reply from butt (broadcast using this tool)

    Posted 2020-01-10
    This is a false positive. That website does even say that firefox is malicious... https://hybrid-analysis.com/sample/6148b023744f7774341122df93f51275724153dad609f53bcd2ee7c82fa69d9b
  • This program is excellent, and I've used it for years. I use it to stream our church audio to an icecast server so people can listen in. I really like the fact that it can record locally even when it's streaming.

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