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Alfons Schmid announces ‘Notebooks for Mac 2.0’, a major upgrade of his productivity application which has a strong focus on text processing and also allows users to manage task lists and organize files and documents in nested structures. This unique combination ensures an uninterrupted flow of ideas while collecting notes, creating documents, consulting supportive documentation or gathering ideas and breaking them down into tasks.

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 has been rebuilt from ground up to address the shortcomings of previous versions: it has become a native Mac application which perfectly integrates with the macOS system, and it matches the functional scope of its successful iOS counterpart. Notebooks 2.0 supports smart books, contexts tags and advanced document processing tools which are well known from “Notebooks for iPad and iPhone”, but it also adds additional features which are not yet available in Notebooks on iOS. This makes Notebooks for Mac 2.0 a more than equal sibling.

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 takes full advantage of being a desktop application and presents its contents in a familiar three-pane document browser with outline, document list and document view. It allows users to selectively hide the browser’s columns or open documents in separate windows and tabs. Windows provide an optional breadcrumbing navigation bar along the top which makes it easy to navigate to other documents without consulting the document browser. Support for history buttons, dark theme or distraction free modes are a given. – “Notebooks for Mac 2.0 is finally the application it should have been from the start. If feels like a Mac application, it is light weight despite its capabilities, and it supports the writer’s workflow in a very unobtrusive way” Alfons Schmid comments.

Notebooks, originally designed to do away with paper notes, has evolved into a powerful text processor. Users can create formatted documents with styles, attachments, tables and checklists using WYSIWYG style editing, but they can also create formatted document from plain text using Markdown (Notebooks includes two Markdown flavors) or Fountain, a markup format for screen writers. For those who prefer working with plain text, Notebooks offers numerous assistive tools: indent and align lists, automatically insert closing characters for matched punctuation marks, emphasize the currently edited line and keep it centered on screen, display line numbers or highlight Markdown syntax are a few examples. They can be selectively disabled like many other features in Notebooks. – “A tool should support the writer as best as possible, but it should get out of the way, and ideally, the writer should not even be aware of it. This is what we try to achieve with Notebooks” the developer adds.

Writing aside, Notebooks is also meant as a place to store and organize documents and files of any type: email, PDF documents, web snippets, or any other reference material. Notebooks supports unlimited nested structures (books) to arrange documents by topic, subject, project or any personal preferences. This makes it easy to separate private notes from business documents, client data from journal entries, or a novel’s chapters from each other. – “Notebooks stores all its documents as regular files on the Mac’s file system. No complex import or export procedures are necessary, the user always remains in control and can access the documents even without Notebooks. This is in strong contrast to the numerous apps that lock the user’s documents away in databases”, Alfons Schmid remarks.

Task management is another one of Notebooks’ integrated building blocks. Any book in Notebooks can display its contents as a regular list of documents or as a list of tasks. With the flick of a switch a collection of notes or documents turns into a task list with options to assign due dates and alert times. Tasks can be marked as “in progress” and ticked off when completed. Like regular books, task lists may be nested, so users can split complex projects into smaller packages which are easy to manage. – “Note taking often goes hand in hand with task management: a quick note sparks off an idea, generates a handful of todos, and it is just natural to handle them directly in Notebooks rather than switching to another app.” the developer says.

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With this unique combination, Notebooks has the potential to replace multiple separate apps:

Download Precircuiter For Mac 2.0

* Word Processor for WYSIWYG editing
* Text Editor for processing plain text
* Markdown and Fountain composer (including an HTML to Markdown converter)
* Task Manager for managing simple or complex projects
* File Organizer for any type of documents
* PDF Converter
* eBook Creator
* Document Archive

So whether users want to draft or outline a business presentation, collect ideas for a novel or type a chapter of a short-story, save web pages for reading later, write an entry in a diary or journal, tick off tasks, or just capture notes and ideas on the go, Notebooks is the all-inclusive application that will effortlessly handle it all.

Download Precircuiter For Mac 2.0

QGIS in OSGeo4W (recommended for regular users):
  • OSGeo4W Network Installer

In the installer choose Express Install and select QGIS to install the latest release or QGIS LTR to install the long term release.
The express installations have several optional packages including non-free software. To avoid those you have to use the Advanced Install and choose qgis and/or qgis-ltr in the desktop section.
NOTE FOR EXISTING USERS: OSGeo4W v2 (previously known as testing) is now the regular repository. The latest QGIS release is only available here, as it already requires dependencies not available in the old repository. The long term release is additionally also available in the old repository using the same dependencies as before (see below). This also includes a 32-bit version, which OSGeo4W v2 does not support.
CAUTION: Upgrades of old setups using the new repository are not supported. You need to do a fresh install or use a different directory.
CAUTION: Windows 7 no longer works as we are now using Python 3.9, which dropped support for it.

Standalone installers (MSI) from OSGeo4W packages (recommended for new users)
Latest release (richest on features):
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.22
Long term release (most stable):
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.16

Note that the MSI installers are much bigger than the previous installers. This is because they include significant larger packages (eg. PROJ 8). The main reason for the switch to MSI were the size limits previously used NSIS has, which was blocking updates of dependencies.

Long-term release in old OSGeo4W (continued with previous dependencies):
  • OSGeo4W Network Installer (64 bit)
  • OSGeo4W Network Installer (32 bit)

In the installer choose Advanced Install and select qgis-ltr-full to install the long term release.
Packages for the latest release and nightly thereof and master are discontinued in old OSGeo4W.
This installer also allows installing QGIS without non-free software

Standalone installer for long term release (continued with dependencies from old OSGeo4W):
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.16 (64 bit)
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.16 (32 bit)

Official All-in-one, signed installers

Mac Installer Packages for macOS High Sierra (10.13) and newer.

QGIS is not yet notarized as required by macOS Catalina (10.15) security rules. On first launch, please right-click on the QGIS app icon, hold down the Option key, then choose Open.

Latest release (richest on features):
Long term release (most stable):

Alternative build

Mac Installer Packages for macOS High Sierra (10.13) and newer.

Installation instructions are in the Read Me on the disk image. GDAL and Python (both included on the disk image) are installed separately and outside the QGIS app so they are usable on their own. These packages use the python.org Python 3 - other distributions are not supported.

For many flavors of GNU/Linux binary packages (rpm and deb) or software repositories (to add to your installation manager) are available. Please select your choice of distro below:

The QGIS experience does not stop on the desktop. Various touch optimized apps allow you to take QGIS into the field

Third-party touch optimized apps

QField for QGIS (formerly QGIS for Android)
Input (available for Android, iOS and Windows devices)
IntraMaps Roam

QGIS for Android

An old and deprecated not touch optimised release of QGIS for Android can be found inAll downloads

All downloads

More specific instructions about downloading QGIS stable vs QGIS development can be found in All downloads.


For testing and learning purposes, a sample dataset is available, which contains collections of data from different sources and in different formats.

Previous releases of QGIS are still available here - including older releases for OS X here.

Download Precircuiter For Mac 2.0 Free

More older releases are available here and for OS X here.

Plugins for QGIS are also available here.

QGIS is open source software available under the terms of the GNU General Public License meaning that its source code can be downloaded through tarballs or the git repository.

QGIS Source Code is available here (latest release) and here (long term release)

Download Precircuiter For Mac 2.0 Download

Refer to the INSTALL guide on how to compile QGIS from source for the different platforms: here

Note that you can also install the development version (nightly) via an installer from the normal downloads for your platform: here

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Plugins for QGIS are also available here.