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Visor Editor's Review

Visor is a SIMBL plugin for the Terminal application.
Visor adds a new menu item in the 'Terminal' menu, right under 'Preferences'. This new preference pane allows you to set a quick access HotKey for the shell emulator.
Visor has just a few preferences like: the HotKey, the possibility to use a custom background for the Terminal, the possibility to use a Quartz Animation, and some settings about the transitions. You can also enable/disable a status menu item for Visor.

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The access to the Terminal is very easy by using Visor. Once you managed to install and configure it all you need to do is to hold the HotKey or the HotKey combination, and the terminal opens into a sliding window. Please note that SIMBL is a requirement and you have to install SIMBL first.

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Download Raindrops for Mac 1.2.1 full
Pluses:Download Raindrops For Mac 1.2.1 it enables a quick access shell.
Drawbacks / flaws:

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In conclusion: Download Raindrops For Mac 1.2.1 this is a pretty good improvement for the built in Terminal application. It's very useful if you use often the shell for various activities.
version reviewed: 1.2.1

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