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DEVELOPER :Yong Technology
LICENSE :Freeware

GeoRose is a program plotting rose diagram used in structural geology area. Users can completely control their rose diagrams displaying style. Supported image export formats extended to PNG, PDF, PS and SVG. Furthermore, transparent diagram background is available.


  • Generate strike, dip direction and dip rose diagrams, and equal area and equal angle stereonet diagrams.
  • Export diagram in PNG, PDF, PS and SVG formats.
  • Complete diagram displaying control.
  • Support transparent background.
  • Calculate strike from dip direction.
  • Process both plane and lineation data
  • Polar net grid for stereonet diagram
  • Mouse coordinates tracking
  • Copy data from and to spread sheet.
  • Both Windows and Mac OS X versions available
Download Rose for Mac 2.0 version

* GeoRose download link provides freeware version of the software for Windows and Mac OS X.

T Mac 2.0

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