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Released: February 01, 2006 Added: February 17, 2007 Visits: 4.511

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Ahsay Online Backup Software is a commercial solution for ISPs VARs, XSPs and other Solution Providers to offer backup service to their customers. It also can use by Corporation to backup their critical business data. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform support, AhsayOBS is the...

Platforms: Windows, Mac, *nix, Netware,Java
License: CommercialCost: $250.00 USDSize: 176.17 MBDownload (116): Ahsay Offsite Backup Server Download

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SQLGrinder is a SQL editor and developer tool which allows database developers to easily create, edit and execute SQL queries as well as browse their database structures.Using SQLGrinder and JDBC drivers, developers can connect to any databases that supports JDBC, including Oracle, MySQL,...

Platforms: Mac
Download SQLGrinder for Mac 2.0.8 free
License: DemoCost: $0.00 USDDownload (80): SQLGrinder Download

Released: December 15, 2012 Added: December 15, 2012 Visits: 341

AlligatorSQL is the first cross development and cross administration IDE for both DBAs and developers. We integrated not only twelve database management systems, but also combined development and administration features consequently into one tool. As a result AlligatorSQL is specialized for...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $250.00 USDSize: 30.52 MBDownload (271): AlligatorSQL Business Intelligence Download

Released: November 22, 2008 Added: December 01, 2008 Visits: 1.697

Recovery for Sybase is a powerful data recovery software for damaged Sybase database files (.DAT). Sudden hardware or software failure may cause huge damage to the information worth a week of hard work. In this case a reliable recovery tool, such as SybaseRecovery, is able to return essential...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $199.00 USDSize: 1.04 MBDownload (214): Recovery for Sybase Download

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SQL Server replication is a fantastic piece of functionality but can lead to a database administration nightmare. Data conflicts are a common occurrence and require constant attention. SSW SQL Total Compare reports the differences between the Publisher and Subscribers databases and makes the...
Platforms: Windows

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License: DemoCost: $199.00 USDSize: 2.99 MBDownload (139): SSW SQL Total Compare Download

Released: September 01, 2011 Added: September 24, 2011 Visits: 6.181

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite and Valentina. -- Converts FileMaker layouts into PHP web applications [Platinum Edition] -- Converts Access...
Platforms: Windows, Mac

License: DemoCost: $200.00 USDSize: 42.92 MBDownload (367): FmPro Migrator Download

Released: February 11, 2008 Added: February 11, 2008 Visits: 4.464

CGIScripter enables web developers to instantly write Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and FileMaker 7 database servers. Feature include: -- Dramatically improves developer productivity -- Improve security of web applications -- Save...
Platforms: Windows, *nix, Mac

License: DemoCost: $50.00 USDSize: 1.44 MBDownload (219): CGIScripter Download

Released: March 01, 2008 Added: April 27, 2010 Visits: 1.544

Supports SQL Server 2000/2005, Analysis Server 2005, Oracle 9i and above, DB2 8.2 and above, MySQL 5.0 and above, Sybase ASE 12.0 and above, Informix IDS 10.0 and above, PostgreSQL 8.0 and above, Access 97 and above, VistaDB 3.0 and above, ENEA Polyhedra 7.0 and above All objects supported...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $199.00 USDSize: 3.01 MBDownload (98): xSQL Documenter Download

Released: January 13, 2013 Added: January 13, 2013 Visits: 497

Providing the most powerful protection to fight virus infections on your server or servers. It works both as primary protection of a file server itself, and, via its optional plug-ins, as protection for various server subsystems, such as electronic mail or firewall/proxy. avast! 4 Server Edition...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $399.00 USDSize: 37.27 MBDownload (148): avast! Server Edition Download

Released: October 09, 2019 Added: October 30, 2019 Visits: 3.469

Altova FlowForce Server is a highly scalable platform to automate enterprise workflows for data transformation, aggregation, and conversion, as well as document and report generation, and other tasks performed by dedicated high-speed servers. FlowForce Server empowers data architects, analysts,...
Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7

License: DemoCost: $250.00 USDSize: 318.8 MBDownload (222): Altova FlowForce Server Download

Released: December 11, 2007 Added: January 23, 2008 Visits: 5.515

RelayFax is a powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email fax server. RelayFax Pro automates the process of sending, receiving and managing your network fax traffic. By integrating into existing email systems, RelayFax provides full faxing capabilities from your desktop. This fax software will prove...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $205.00 USDSize: 11.85 MBDownload (347): RelayFax Server Download

Download SQLGrinder For Mac 2.0.8
Released: February 06, 2004 Added: August 22, 2006 Visits: 5.746

WorkgroupMail is a full featured mail server, which can provide any size organization with secure and dependable messaging. WorkgroupMail includes spam filtering, content filtering, server-based virus protection mailing list and shared address book functions. It can function with ISPs or can be...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $110.00 USDSize: 5.66 MBDownload (374): WorkgroupMail Mail Server Download

Added: June 18, 2006 Visits: 3.440

Session server for Windows has built-in fail-over protection and load balancing which allows use of up to 1000 session servers with an unlimited number of web servers. A session'sticks'to a session server not by IP as in the case of a local director, but based on session ID so that the browser is...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $0.00 USDSize: 990 KBDownload (149): Session Server for Windows Download

Added: March 03, 2006 Visits: 7.608

• Tipic Instant Messaging Platform (TIMP) is a Total Instant Messaging (IM) Solution for office LAN or Internet communication. It is extremely easy to install and maintain and the varying set of features cover a wide array of customer needs. • TIMP contains an Instant Messaging Server,...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $0.00 USDSize: 5 KBDownload (435): TIMP - Tipic Instant Messaging Server Download

Released: March 15, 2006 Added: February 19, 2007 Visits: 3.057

Centralized monitoring and tuning of multiple OES/NetWare servers from a Windows workstation; server performance/connection monitoring (CPU, memory, network performance and over 150 parameters); file/directory/NLM /trustee management, performance trending and reporting; user tracking (open files,...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $595.00 USDSize: 25.99 MBDownload (159): AdRem Server Manager Download

Released: August 10, 2002 Added: February 20, 2006 Visits: 2.064

A simple, easy to use FTP Server with many features. Accepts multiple connections, creation of customized user accounts, intuitive interface, resume support, log support, admin password, pasv mode, and more. It's very simple to use and to install.
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $30.00 USDSize: 1.46 MBDownload (108): HomeFTP Server Download

Released: February 26, 2021 Added: April 15, 2021 Visits: 8.010

Bopup Communication Server is an in-house instant messaging server for private IM, internal chat and secure collaboration over corporate and business networks. It provides Active Directory support and integration, message and file archiving, offline messaging and document distribution with a...
Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server

License: SharewareCost: $199.00 USDSize: 173.83 MBDownload (569): Bopup Communication Server Download

Released: September 05, 2003 Added: September 04, 2006 Visits: 3.097

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKXchange) is a powerful Microsoft Exchange Server reporting tool for System Administrators & IT Managers. ARKXchange reports the configuration information of Exchange Servers 5.5/2000/2003 in the respective native hierarchy. The various objects in the...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $599.00 USDSize: 3.62 MBDownload (120): Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server - ARKXchange Download

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Released: December 30, 2019 Added: October 06, 2021 Visits: 4.638

PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an atomic clock on the internet or an inhouse GPS reciever and offer time services to clients on your LAN or WAN....
Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server

License: DemoCost: $195.95 USDSize: 9.92 MBDownload (909): PresenTense Time Server Download

Added: August 23, 2006 Visits: 4.227

Using Zbit, Inc's Data Replication Engine users can easily replicate one source database to multiple destination databases simultaneously using multiple tables in the source database. Replicator allows duplication between any OLEDB/ODBC compliant databases. Replicator does not use utilities...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $39.95 USDSize: 61 KBDownload (139): Data Replication Engine Download