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Creating a more agile and resilient electronics supply chain

Supplyframe's DSI solutions surface real-time industry intelligence directly within connected design, sourcing, and purchasing workflows, enabling better decisions across new product lifecycles, overall product portfolios, commodities, and categories of direct materials spend.

SUPPLYFRAME NPIReinventing new
product introduction

Supplyframe NPI is the first solution to infuse the new product introduction processes in electronic manufacturing with supply market intelligence.

By surfacing actionable insights to product and sourcing teams at the point of design, Supplyframe NPI powers design-driven innovation while optimizing for costs and mitigating the risk for downstream supply disruptions.

CAPABILITIESA more resilient
product lifecycle,
from the beginning

Supplyframe NPI empowers intelligent collaboration throughout the design process, providing design engineers and new product introduction managers with intelligent part recommendations, collaborative BOM validation, and powerful risk mitigation features that accelerate smart sourcing and manufacturing.

Dynamic BOM

Transforms BOMs into dynamic living documents, which are continuously updated with new pricing, lead time and risk insights

Integrated intelligence

Integrates component pricing and risk intelligence from the world's largest library of electronic parts and parametric data

Cost vs. risk analysis

Optimizes lifecycle margin by providing real time market costs balanced against lower risk options

Identify alternates

Supports easy identification of alternate parts and suppliers to enhance BOM resiliency

Cross-functional decisions

Enables repeatable, cross-functional stage gate reviews and informed trade-off decisions

Full audit trail

Provides access to BOM revision history with full audit trail and context from cross-functional decision making

impact across every
new product lifecycle

By assuring the resiliency of a new product BOM from the beginning of the program lifecycle,
Supplyframe NPI delivers transformational downstream benefits.

Faster Launches
Accelerate time-to-market and shorten product launch cycles
Enchanced Margins
Optimize product BOMs for target costs and margins from Day 1 of new product development
Download turbo kit for mac 0.7b download
One version of truth
Download turbo kit for mac 0.7b download
Optimize product BOMs for target costs and margins from Day 1 of new product development
Supply Continuity Assured
Assure supply continuity and risk mitigation based on redundancy of parts and suppliers

sourcing for direct

Supplyframe DirectSource enables continuous optimization of direct materials sourcing with breakthrough Design-to-Source Intelligence.

Supplyframe DirectSource is the first AI-based solution that enables the continuous optimization of direct materials sourcing by surfacing real-time actionable intelligence, from market analysis through sourcing event execution.

CAPABILITIESBringing resiliency
to direct materials

Supplyframe DirectSource empowers you to make faster, more informed sourcing and purchasing decisions across commodities and categories, and to more rapidly execute successful sourcing events that ensure supply continuity and enhance overall lifecycle margins.

Powered by intelligence

Delivers integrated supply intelligence across over a billion component parts, 20,000 suppliers, key geographies and commodity groups, including intent insights from 10 million engineering and sourcing professionals

Always sensing opportunity

Continuously evaluates DSI Platform intelligence to identify opportunities for cost savings and risk mitigation, across parts, commodities, and other categories that span multiple BOMs and product lines

Recommending sourcing events

Automatically identifies and recommends opportunities for new sourcing events, based on changing market variables, historical activity, and potential negotiation levers

Integrated RFx cycles

Empowers sourcing teams to seamlessly initiate and execute new RFx cycles directly within the application, and to manage the quote-bid-award process across participating suppliers

Full audit trail

For every sourcing event, provides a comprehensive summary of supplier interactions, negotiations, and award activity, which can be leveraged in future supplier engagement

Cross-functional decisions

Enables every sourcing decision to be weighed and validated across functional teams, product lines, and categories of direct materials spend

impact across BOMs,
product portfolios, and
commodity categories

By infusing the strategic sourcing of direct materials with supply intelligence and collaborative, cross-functional workflows, DirectSource empowers you to rapidly respond to market variables, optimize for cost, and assure supply continuity and enhanced margins.

Reduced COGs
Download TurboKit For Mac 0.7b
Achieve 2-3% overall incremental annual cost savings through optimization of direct materials spend
Faster sourcing cycles
Capitalize on more opportunities by reducing sourcing cycle times by up to 80%
Enhanced lifecycle margins
Deliver 1-2% overall margin uplift across the full lifecycle of product programs

Download Turbo Kit For Mac 0.7b Download

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Download Turbo Kit For Mac 0.7b

Assure supply continuity and minimize disruption by enabling consistent redundancy of parts and suppliers