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  • These libraries should be readily available on Linux, and are easy to install on Mac OS X using MacPorts. Installing the seadata.tgz package for PARI is only slightly more involved. The source code we provide has been extensively tested with the 3.4.3 release of Python, the 2.0.7 version of gmpy2, and the 2.7.4 version of PARI.
  • In this paper we survey the uses of machine learning methods and concepts in recent computer graphics techniques. Many graphics techniques are data-driven; however, few graphics papers explicitly.
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Doan T, Demurjian S, Ting T and Ketterl A MAC and UML for secure software design Proceedings of the 2004 ACM workshop on Formal methods in security engineering, (75-85) Xanthos S Identification of reusable components within an object-oriented software system using algebraic graph theory Companion to the 19th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on.

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