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Version 8.2, 9.6 MB
Version 8.2, 7.8 MB
  • Easy download to my iMac. It worked with my Big Sur OS. Choosing Video & selecting NTSC as a recording mode, Burn converted my 7 gig MP4 to a 1.43 gig mpg copy that 'burned' rapidly. Produced was a quality video that played well on a DVD player. My first impression is that this is an excellent, stable application.
  • The Mac release deals with Mac CodeSign security. Windows: QTRSetup2.8.0.EXE Windows PC note: The QTRgui front-end is still version 2.7.0 but the QTR driver code is version 2.8.0 - see the About command.
  • Download REBOL/Core. Takes just a few seconds over DSL. Installation is optional but has advantages. Read the security notes below! These packages provide only the executable program. The documents are here. If you discover a setup problem, please contact us. (We won't know if you.
  • Jun 22, 2010 Webjimbo costs US$30 or $60 for a family license. A demo is available for download. Webjimbo 2.5 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Yojimbo 2.2.

Release Date: June 1, 2014. Note: Python 2.7.7 has been superseded by Python 2.7.8. Python 2.7.7 was released on May 31, 2014. This is a regularly scheduled 2.7 series bugfix and includes numerous bugfixes over 2.7.6.

Version 8.2, 40.4 MB
Version 8.0, 101.0 MB

For Mac OS X

Version 8.2, 56.5 MB
Version 8.0, 74.1 MB
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For Linux

Version 8.2, 16.9 MB
Version 8.2, 63.9 MB
Videomost Proton installer for Debian-based systems
Version 8.0, 72.6 MB

Before using VideoMost services, make sure your web camera, microphone and headphones are connected to your computer and function normally.

Download Webjimbo For Mac 2.7.8 Iso

If you have encountered problems during the software installation stage, please consult 'Help' section.

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Download Webjimbo For Mac 2.7.8


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Download Webjimbo For Mac 2.7.8 Version

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Download Webjimbo For Mac 2.7.8 Free

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Download Webjimbo For Mac 2.7.8 Full

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